Japan is accessible country even though cities are located in the country side!



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Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture


Kofu is known for history and fruits such as peaches, greaps and Hoto, is a Japanese noodle.

If you like Japanese castles, you can see some castles! The famous one is Kofu castle.  As you get out o the station, you can find the castle.




Kofu Station

Kofu station is very accessible.

Elevetors are accessible to go out of the station.

Bathrooms are also accessible; there are enough rooms to move around in there even by a wheelchair. (Please see the picture on Instagram)






Sidewalk in Kofu area

Sidewalk near the station is wide enough to Go around by the wheelchair, but Kofu is surrounded by the mountains, so you can see many slopes. I recommend that you take your assistance.



Sightseeing in Kofu area

Historical places near Kofu station are accessible to enter. There are lifts and ramps, but the inside of the places might not be accessible.

For instance, we need to take off our shoes when we go into the places like castles or the inside is too narrow to go around by the wheelchair.




In conclusion, Kofu station is so accessible, however historical places might not be accessible.

Thus, you need to confirm if the places in Kofu are accessible beforehand.

I also recommend that you take people who can help you.

It is so much helpful to look around Kofu.



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