How to Use/Purchase Wi-Fi  in Japan

There are three ways of using Wi-Fi while traveling in Japan.

  1. SIM card
  2. Router (Mobile router)
  3. Public Wi-Fi (Pay Wi-Fi/Free Wi-Fi)

While travelling in Japan, I recommend you use 1. SIM card or 2. Router (Mobile router)

The reasons are shown below.

◆Areas where you can use Public Wi-Fi are limited. You might not be able to find the areas you can use Public Wi-Fi when you really need to use .

◆Wi-Fi is necessary when you use the google translator. I really recommend that you use google translator when you are in trouble especially in a hospital.

For travelling, you might be OK to use public Wi-Fi. However, you could need some helps if you are in the wheelchair or coming with seniors; you sometimes need talk with Japanese about what you need. In this case, you need to use google transleror to communicate with Japanese, which means that you need Wi-Fi to use google.

google translator

The following is the difference of
1. SIM
or 2. Router (Mobile router).

1. SIM card

The features of SIM card are purchasing it easily and using it as you get it.  You can buy the SIM card on the website and get it at the designated place such as the Japanese airport. Insert the Prepaid SIM card into your mobile phone and set up APN; then you can use the Internet in Japan.

Ninja Sim Card 2

Advantage of SIM card

You can use Internet just by inserting the prepaid SIM card into the mobile phone. You do not need to bring any devices to connect to the Internet.  Furthermore, if you run out of the data, or SIM card is expired, it is canceled automatically. The cumbersome procedure is not required and you do not need to return any devices. Taking what you need into consideration, you can also choose the capacity of the data and expiration date.


Some mobile phones might not be able to use SIM card. You need check the website of SIM card supplier whether or not your mobile phone can use the SIM card.

If you make a mistake to set up APN, your mobile phone cannot connect Interne. (Setting up APN is not so difficult.)

Example of SIM card company

Ninja (SIM card)

Ninja Sim Card

The company supplies two kinds of SIM card, 3GB and 7GB; you can use them for 30 days. These are recommended for people staying in Japan for a short time. You can get it at the post office in the airport in Japan, hotel you stay and other places having address in Japan. You can specify the shipping the date after 4days you order. Even if you run out of data, you can purchase the additional date on “my page”. Support center can accept English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

2. Router (Mobile router)

The feature of Wi-Fi router is to be able to connect some devices simultaneously such as mobile phones, PCs and tablets. You can share Wi-Fi with your family and friends, so that the price of using the router is reasonable. Wi-Fi router is recommended for people using Wi-Fi often since Wi-Fi routers do not have the limit of data.


In the case that you use big amount of date for a short time, speed of data might get.

Wi-Fi routers


Setting up Wi-Fi is easy; it is easy to connect to the Internet. You can share Wi-Fi with your family and friends. Capacity of data is large, thus you do not need to worry about running out of data.


You need to keep router always.You need to book it early since the number of the router is limited.

Example of SIM card company

Ninja (Wi-Fi Router)

Capacity of the data is unlimited. You can use the high speed data as much as you want. You can get/reserve the router at the airport, office in Shinjuku or by mailing. The place where you get and return the router can be different. If you apply by 3 PM(JPT) on the day before you use, you can get it at Narita airport first or second terminal, Haneda international airport, Kansai international first terminal, Naha airport the next day.

Ninja router

Additional information No.1

Free WI-FI

Free Wi-Fi can be used in the big stations, convenience stores, MacDonald and so on. If you are in need to use Wi-Fi in Japan, please run to the convenience stores!

Payed Wi-Fi

Some Wi-Fi is payed, such as Wi2, which is the name of the payed Wi-Fi. You can find Wi2 in many places.

▼The name of the convenience stores. You can see them at many places in Japan.

convenience stores

Additional Information No.2

Before going to Japan, please download a google translator. Japanese are not good at speaking English. If you have the google translator, it could help you when you are in trouble. For instance, when you see a menu in a restaurant, look for something and so on.

You can download the google translator below.




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