Accessible Transportation in Japan ―How to Use Accessible Taxi in Japan ―

There are mainly 4 ways to move around in Japan.


1 Train
2 Shinkansen (Bullet train/Super express train)
3 Bus
4 Taxi

In this page, I will explain
4 Taxi.

Taxis in Japan

Recently, the number of available taxis has been increasing because of the Olympics. Many taxi companies have been trying to have more available taxis for tourists coming from other  countries and wheelchair users.

Japan taxi

If your wheelchair is manual or small electric wheel chair (the weight is lighter than 200 KG), I recommend you use Japan taxi. Please download the APP from the link, and you can arrange the accessible taxi and pay on the APP. There is an English Version APP as well.


Other than this service, there are the following available taxi services.


As for J CAR SERVICE, you can email and make a call in English.

If you have enough hands, they can bring the big wheelchair into the car.

Welfare taxi

If your wheelchair is big or electric, I recommend that you arrange a welfare taxi.

welfare taxi

Nevertheless, I could not find any welfare taxi companies that could deal with English.

If you are OK just to go to the destination, Hitachi automobile transportation group(日立自動車交通グループ) can help you go to the place. Keep in your mind that communication could be hard since the drivers cannot speak English.

How to book the welfare taxi (Hitachi automobile transportation group(日立自動車交通グループ))

1 Click the following link

2 Click the box in the red circle

mail form

3 Type the information shown in the following picture

※ Type(copy)  and paste the following all Japanese and English sentences in the bottom box, fill in  ______ with your information in English,

・福祉タクシーを使用したいです。(I would like to use a welfare taxi)


(The place I would like to be picked up is at__________)


(Destination is____________)


(Time I would like you to pick me up is_________)


(The weight of wheelchair is _________)


(The number of people on the taxi is__________)


(I cannot speak Japanese)

how to fill out



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  3. Brenda Johnston says:

    Can we hire a wheelchair accessible taxi for 4 adults, 1 lady is in a foldable wheelchair. We would like to go from Yokohama Port to the train station to catch the train to Tokyo

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