Renting Welfare equipment ーHoist, Wheelchair and othersー


The way of renting welfare equipment


I recommend that you book the welfare equipment well in advance you need as soon as possible when you fix the date of travelling.

The reason is below.

・Renting something takes time.

・Equipment you want to rent might be fully booked.

Please book the welfare equipment at least two weeks before you come to Japan.


You can rent the wheelchairs in Japan.
There are mainly three ways to rent the wheelchairs.

1. Use rental wheelchair service

2. Renting wheelchair at hotel you stay

Some hotels lent you the wheelchair all the time while you are staying at the hotel.

Please contact them if they have like the service.

If you need to contact them by telephone, not email, let me know.

I will help you to contact them.

3. Renting wheelchair at tourist spots

Some tourist spots lent you the wheelchair.  I recommend that people who cannot walk for a long time use the service. For example, if your grandparents want to look around in the museum, it could be hard since they could not walk for a long time. At that time, you can take advantage of the service. If you need to confirm whether they have such as service or contact them by telephone, not email, please contact me.

I will help you to contact them.



We call Hoist Lift.  Basically, renting the lift is monthly basis. They do not rent you for a few days. If you need the lift, I recommend that you stay in an accommodation having the lift. If you cannot find the hotels having the lift, would like to rent a lift even if it is monthly basis, need to contact them in Japanese, please contact me. I will help you.


Renting welfare car

You can rent a welfare car. If you need o rent it, please contact us.

welfare car


If you need to rent, cannot find others you need and need to contact by phone, please contact us. I will help you.



Fee for renting is comparatively high.

In Japan, we adopt nursing care insurance system, which Japanese government certifies people who need the nursing care and those people can utilize welfare equipment service and get medical support by paying 10 % of total fee. Usually, people renting the welfare equipment are certified by the nursing care insurance. Therefore, some welfare equipment suppliers just show the 10% of total fee. (i.e. even if the correct fee is 20,000 yes, some suppliers show 2,000 yes as the fee.)

Be careful when you rent the welfare equipment by yourself using the websites since the fee you have to pay and the fee you can find on the website might be different.


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