Wheelchair for Travel in Japan; Which is Better to use Manual Wheelchair vs Electric Wheelchair?

When you come to Japan, I recommend you use either manual or electric wheelchair less than 200KG.


The reasons are shown below.


1.  Japan taxi, accessible taxi, can accept the wheelchair less than 200KG.

2 . When you get on the train, the capable weight of the wheelchair is less than 250KG.

3. Mobile scooters are not allowed on some trains because they cannot turn as quickly and small as that of manual wheelchairs.

4. The sidewalks/passages are narrow since Japan is small county.

5. If there are some steps, the heavy wheelchair might be hard to be carried.





Regulation in Japan for wheelchairs

Japan has some regulations for wheelchairs.

Please refer below.


◆The size of a wheelchair must be within the following length, width and height

L 120cm, W 70 cm, H 109cm


◆Structure of a wheelchair must follow the rule below.


・Use electric motor as motor

・Wheelchair cannot run over 6 km/hour

・There is no sharp protrusions to harm pedestrians.

・Wheelchair must be recognized clearly; it is different from automobiles and bicycles with motor.

If your wheelchair exceeds those regulations, you need to be provided with “Confirmation certification(確認書)” by a chief of the police station issues. When you come to and look around Japan, you need carry “Confirmation certification(確認書)” always.
police officer


Boarding with electric wheelchair

When you bring your electric wheelchair into airplane, you will be asked about three points bellow.


1. Kinds of the battery

2. Size and shape of the wheelchair

3. Whether or not the wheelchair has gas springs


In terms of gas springs, there are cases that an airline company just accepts the wheelchair with gas spring using incombustible gas or cannot accept the wheelchair using gas spring at all.





In conclusion, bringing a small wheelchair or renting the wheelchair is recommended when you come to Japan.




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  1. Thanks for sharing it. I found it very useful and informative.

    • HazukiTochino says:

      It is my pleasure. If you come to Japan, I would love to support you to use either manual or automatic wheelchair in Japan.

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