You can Travel around the world!Get Accessible Information



If you want to travel around the world. ATO could help you a lot.


ATO shares accessibility information about the places to go see. They search thousands and thousands of websites and find good quality accessibility information pages for you.

They search and find hotels or other accommodations you go stay. Airports. Theme parks

They only use direct links of the informative and reliable sites when it comes to accessible facilities. Of course, we are one of the sites.


About  CEO of ATO

In 2007, working on a retail project, Marlies, CEO of ATO was made aware that accessibility is usually a term, not a given. Surprised to know the world is such an inaccessible place, she decided to do something about it. This is when she met Melanie, who is in the team. Since then, the team has been growing.

Over the years, working closely with people with diverse disabilities, Marlies gained knowledge and insight in that huge gap between businesses and their customer services when it comes to accessibilit. To save you time to sort it all out.y.

The ATO Travel team started in 2016, after a period of 2 years finding ways to set up a structure to work with that would be beneficial to both travelers and businesses, to lay the basic structure on which AccessibleTravel.Online was going to be built.




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