You can have a wedding ceremony in Japan

Have you ever thought that you want to have a wedding ceremony…


ー In a beautiful shrine while dressing in Kimono

ー In Kyoto to feel the Japanese culture

ー In the Japanese magnificent nature.


Ms. Mie could help your dream come true!


She is a wedding planner of sixteen years experience.

She became independent and started this wedding service in 2017 so that couples from all over the world can realize their dream weddings in Kyoto, JAPAN.

Her team and she provides tailor-made destination wedding services in central Kyoto and the countryside of Kyoto prefecture (Kyoto by the Sea, in the Forest and in the Tea fields) .

Elopement at Japanese gardens in Ryotei ( Traditional restaurant ) and a luxury Japanese Villa, in a waterfall, under cherry blossom trees, in a bamboo forest, on the beach and so on…


She also provides her elopement wedding service in Sapporo, Hokkaido upon request.

Elopement wedding
Japanese style of wedding
Wedding reception
Marriage proposal


Having the wedding ceremony in Japan could be the amazing experience in your life !!


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