Are there Accessible/Vegan Restaurants in Japan?



Looking for the accessible restaurant in the local area or by walking around might be difficult; Japan is small country, so the restaurants and bathrooms might be small, and entrance might have some steps. When you go to the restaurants, I recommend that you book the restaurants in advance or/and use the restaurants in a big mall or building close to the station.  



Restaurants in building next to the station

Many commercial buildings next to the big stations; we generally call the buildings having many stores restaurants Depart(デパート). Some cafes providing with light meal are on the first or second floor. Generally, restaurants are on the top or second from the top floor; there restaurants are usually accessible. Furthermore, those buildings mainly install the multipurpose/accessible bathrooms.

If you are wondering what you would have for lunch/dinner, you can go to those buildings; you could find some accessible restaurants.

Restaurants in building


Japanese restaurants

Japan has a custom that we take off the shoes before entering the house. Some restaurants require us to take off our shoes before entering the restaurants. We also have the costume having a threshold at the entrance, thus steps can often be seen at the entrance.

If you have any particular restaurants that you want to go, you should inquire if the restaurants are accessible. Specially, the restaurants for Sushi need to be confirmed if the restaurants are accessible. Structure of Japanese houses, such as Sushi restaurants, are often not accessible.

If you are hard to confirm the accessibility of the restaurants or/and book the restaurants, please contact us. I will help you.

Japanese restaurant       

Website to look for restaurants

Tabelog(食べログ) is the most popular website in Japan for searching for the restaurants. You cannot find the accessible restaurants in which wheelchair users can go by using the website, but it is useful to look for the good restaurants. Once you find the restaurant, please contact the restaurant if they are accessible. Should you be difficult to book or/ad contact the restaurants, please contact us.





Restaurants for vegetarians and vegans

Finding the vegetarian/vegan restaurants could be taught because vegetarian/vegan culture does not root in Japan. Even Tofu restaurants, sound like vegetarian/vegan restaurants, use fish for Dashi, which is broth. If you are vegetarian/vegan, you necessarily ask them restaurant whether or not they use meet and fish for the cuisine-especially for Dashi.  Should you be difficult to ask or/and book the restaurants, please contact us.





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