Asakusa is a traditional place in Tokyo!
You should go there if it is your first time to come to Japan!



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Asakusasa is known for -Senso-ji(Senso surain).


Please keep it in your mind that the way of going to Senso-ji from the subway is confusing.

If you choose the wrong ticket gates, you cannot go to the grand floor because there are no elevators connecting the grand floor.
Thus, you need to choose the right ticket gets to go out of the station.


How to get to the grand floor from the subway?


Please follow the “elevator symbol”or you should ask the station staff before going out of the ticket gates. I have put some pictures as reference.

Around Senso-ji, the pavements are narrow, but the area has many accessible places.

Furthermore, you can go into Senso-ji because there is a hidden elevator next to Senso-ji.




You can get on Jinriki-sya(rickshaw)as well.

You can look around Asakusa without using the wheelchair.


Washrooms in Asakusa area


However, finding accessible bathrooms could be hard since Asakusa is old traditional area.

I really recommend that you go to the bathroom in the station around Asakusa.



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