Our main service

You can use the caregiver when you need or  for the whole day in  Japan.



Man, 69 years old, coming to Japan to join the conference

Service: Taking a bath at a hotel


Woman, 75 yeas old, coming to Japan for traveling

Service: Assisting to look around Kyoto city for 8 hours


Man, 89 years old, coming to Japan for traveling

Service: Assistance to go to bathroom


  • We are an intermediary agent between you and a company assigning caregivers in Japan; all your contact with the assigning company is through us.
  • As for communication with the caregiver, we suggest you use a Google Translate, additionally, a tablet loaded with an easy to use translator that you can express your feelings to the caregiver. If you need a translator, we provide the translator as well.


※We also have a rental service for welfare equipment.

See the Link.


If you need our service, please check our flow and charge

Our main service can be completed online only. So please check our service flow and charges.

General information

We also started to provide our progressive clients with information service about accessibility in Japan.

How accessible Japanese transportations are?
These articles will help you.

Is traveling tips are good enough for people with disabilities?
Not enough but improved day by day. Here is information which I have been researched

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Now we are on Japan and researching many area which can be reached from West-Tokyo.