Namba is one of the biggest city in Osaka.



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There is a big path in Namba area.

The path goes the bridge, Doton-bori, famous for the tourists.

The path is very crowded and has some bumps, thus you might feel uncomfortable.

There is another pavement besides the main path,does not have many people like that of main path.

I recommend you use the way.

I recommend that you go to Doton-bori with your companions.


How to move around the station?


Here are six stations in Namba area.

Please think Nankai-bamba(南海なんば) station as the base station because the station is the biggest station in the area.

I’m gonna explain how to get the subway(Osaka metro 御堂筋線)from Nankai-bamba. Osaka metro(御堂筋) connects to Umeda(Osaka) station, the biggest station in Osaka.


1. Go out of the ticket gate at the center exit.
2. Turn left and go straight to the stop.
3. There is the elevator on your right side.
4. Go to the ground.(1st floor)
5. Go straight and go out of the station because there is no way to go to the subway inside of the station.

6. Go to the elevetor, No. 1 exit, outside next to the building.

7. Go to the underground.

8. You’ll see the subway station.


In terms of bathrooms, there are many accessible bathrooms in the stations, the big buildings abd mall such as Takashimaya (高島屋).

If you are wondering how to move around Numba, refer to the website below.




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