Case.1  Helping Father to Attend a Wedding in Japan

My father has a special disability that needs very careful attention since he cannot control his muscles and cannot use the wheelchair on his own. It is also quite expensive to bring his own special caregiver from the Philippines. Since the wedding is outside Tokyo, the situation is all the more difficult.
It was hard to look for a caregiver from the Philippines because there is very little information on hiring caregivers in Japan. It also took some time for me to find information online. I even asked my friends and medical staff in Japan to help me but even they found it difficult because most medical professionals in Japan are afraid to render their services to foreigners.
I am glad that I was able to get in contact with Caregiver Japan. If it weren’t for her, I will not be able to find a caregiver for my father in time for my wedding. Communication was easy and she was also very accommodating and went the extra mile to help me.



Case.2 Helping Family to Rent a Wheelchair

My daughter broke her leg before we visited Japan. She was so disappointed since she had been so exited to go to Japan.

Thus, we tried to look for a rental wheelchair for her, but it was so tough. Japan is, of course, dominated by their own TANN, Japanese. We could not find a suitable wheelchair for my daughter.

My coworker taught me Caregiver Japan during that time. She arranged the wheelchair promptly and we were not bothered by language issue, too.

We are very glad that we were able to know her.