How much do you need to pay?

Each charge is unique depending on the services required, time used, season, and location of the caregiver.

As well, any transportation or incidental costs for the caregiver will be borne by you however we can assist with these arrangements.

Here is an example for the use of a caregiver in Karuizawa, Japan from 9 AM to 5 PM


Exchange rate of JPY 100 is USD 0.91

Basic charge JPY 30,240
USD 275.18
Moving and communication fee JPN 3,600
USD 32.76
Travel insurance JPN 444
USD 4.04
Lunch JPN 1,000
USD 9.01
Remittance charge JPN 3,500
USD 9.01
Our commission JPN 8,000
USD 31.85
Total JPN 46,784
USD 425.73


The above charge is just an example.
The price can change due to the situation.


I have a favour to ask of you.


We are a new company.

Now, We are just an agency to provide you with a Japanese caregiver, so I ask my users to use the Google Translator or cards I made to communicate with the caregiver.

If our service can be larger, I could provide the caregivers who can speak English directly to my users.


So please support as a patron.

Although CareGiver Japan will plan to act out as a corporation in the near future, we, as a social business, will take a role to contribute a society which many travelers with disabilities travel in Japan safely.We hope you will cooperate with us.

We really appreciate if you could inform your friends about us.