Yokohama is one of the accessible cities in Japan!



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It’s modern town. The roads are wide and there are few bumps.

2.Minatomirai area

There is an amusement park. There are street performers on weekends. The roads are wide and huge, which is accessible town.

3.Yokohama museum

It’s a huge museum.
The museum is accessible.
There are rental wheelchairs and no steps.
You even use the device to listen to the explain in some languages.

4.Nissan building

You can see many cars. The area is huge so you could not be in trouble. You can see many Nissan Cars including of support cars.


The are is bound to that mintomorai station. The area is huge, accessible. You can shop and eat, there are restauranta, Starbucks and MacDonald.

6.Cup noodles Museum

You can learn the history of cub noodle.
You also can make your own cup noodle.
You can rental a wheelchair. The museum is accessible.

7.Red Brick Warehouse Akarenga-sok

You can explore the area because the warehouse is accessible. There is a accessible washroom. However, there are so many people on weekends and the aisles are narrow, so that you might be difficult to go through in the warehouse.
People using wheel chairs can use buses to get there, akaikutsu-go and sea buses. You need to book in advance if you want to use the sea bus.

8.China town(Tyuka-gai)

There are many bumps and steps and no washrooms. You can buy some street food on the street, but you might be hard to go into the restaurants. Most of those are not accessable.
(There is a google click on the website below to translate to English)


This is a traditional for drinking place, so most places are not accessable. You can enjoy the atmospher



10.Yokohama Stadium



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If you would like to watch baseball games, you can use Yokohama stadium.

English page of official website is not available, so following URL is Official website in Japanese.

How to get to Yokohama stadium

You can use Minato Mirai line, which is JR, get to the stadium. There are two exits.

One exit(North exit) has an accessible elevetor and washroom.

This exit (North exit) is far from the stadium, but the other side(South exit)does not have the accessible elevetor and washrooms.


When you get the stadium, let the staff know that you need a help to go to the upper floor.

There are accessible seats on the upper floor, but the elevators cannot be seen, so you need to telk the staff that you want to go the upper floor.


Enjoy watching the baseball game!!


11.Other Information


The picture is a washroom in JR Yokohama saturation.

The room is enough for wheel chair to turn around in.

In the station, there are elevators. If you get on the train, staffed in the station bring the board for you to move into the train.

The station is very big and busy.

The area is huge, but you might have to straggle with busyness.




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