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Baumkuchen in Shiga

Shiga is known for the largest lake in Japan and hikone-jo(hikone castle). Shiga is known for baumkuches of Club Harie. La Collins is the name of a shopping place and factory of Club Harie. We can see how the baumkuches are made and eat them. Not only this, but also we can see the seanric places there.

When you go to LA Collins by car, please turn right at the entrance. Then you can see the handicapped parking. If you go to the left side, you can not find the handicapped parking and the road is not suitable for the wheelchair.
Please along the road from the parking.

You can eat freshly cooked baumkuches in the cafe on the second floor. You can go to the cafe by the elevator.

The bathroom for the people having difficulties in the area.
Please stop by when you go to Shiga.


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