Amanohashidate and Ine no Funeya is one the most  beautiful places in Japan!


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Amano hashidate


There are three greatest views in Japan, one of which is Amano hashidate.

There was a ladder connecting the upper and lower world. While the god was sleeping, the ladder fell down and it became Amano hashidate.

We get on the cable car to go to Kasamatsu park to see Amano hashidate. You can borrow the wheelchairs in the park. There is a ramp to get to the observatory, but all places are not accessible.

In the cable car, there are some steps. Furthermore, there are other steps at the platform. If you can go up and down the stairs with someone’s help, you can go to the park.



Ine no Funeya

Ine no Funaya is designated as the most beautiful village in Japan.
Ine no Funaya is a name of the houses that are unique architectures; the first floor is open to the sea and second floor is a living space. Along Ise bay (Ise-wan), these 250 Ine no Funayas are lined about 5 km and the area is also designated as an important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings. You can see the traditional Japanese sceneries that were created by the resident’s wisdom and Japanese beautiful sea and nature.
You can see the beautiful Ine no Funaya along Ise-bay (Ise-wan) only from the bay side. If you get on the  Ine Bay cruising,  you can enjoy seeing the view with the sea birds and have a good cruise for about 25 minutes.

While getting on the cruise, you do not worry about the accessibility. There is a slope to get on the cruise and there is a accessible bathroom. Many people in the wheelchair use the cruise.

Ine no funeya is accessible touristy place and you feel the Japanese ansester’s life.


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