Hitachnaka side park is a beautiful flower park that you have never seen before!


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We can see various flowers depending on the seasons.
Popular flowers are below.


◆Form end of April to May, nemophila (baby blue eyes) can be seen.



◆In September, we can see Kochia.(Red leaves)



This park is accessible.


Washrooms are accessible.

You can rent a manual wheelchair in the park.

Some staff  can speak English.


So that, you can see many people in the wheelchair in the park.


At the entrance, you can suddenly see some steps, but don’t worry about it.

There is a slope next to the steps. See the pictures.

You also get the small train to look around the park since the park is so huge.


For sure that you can look around the park.

However, there are some muddy and sandy places due to the park.

Mainly, roads are flat excluding the muddy areas and bridges.

I recommend that you bring your assistance.

If you need  more information, feel free to contact us!


Feel Free to contact us