There are two places close to Hitachinaka Seaside park.



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1.Fish market (Nakaminato Osakana ichiba) (Pictures No. 1-3)


You can see many fish and eat them on the road.

You also can buy them and bring back them home!

Fish and other food are very fresh, so that you of course not to worry about a food poison.


As for accessibility, the road is very wide; you do not worry about going around in the fish market.

However, you need to keep some notions below in your mind .

◆In the stores, the aisles are  narrow. You might not be able to see inside the stores.

◆The washrooms are not accessible.

◆You might not find people who can speak English since this market is known among Japanese tourists.


2.Kanefuku mental park(Pictures No. 4-7)


You can know how Mentaiko is made!

You can also eat and buy Mentaiko.

Mentaiko is very testy and many Japanese are crazy about it!

※Mentaiko is spicy cod roe. It is usually served  with rice.

The place is very accessible, but you might not find the English speakers either.




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