Seto is known for Setoyaki (Seto ware)!
If you like Japanese plates, you should go and get them 🙂



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Seto area is known for Seto-yaki, ware. (See No.2 picture)Seto-yaki was passed on from China, and it spreaded within Seto-area. The Seto-yaki is very beautiful, and it represents Japanese style ware.

Seto-area do not have many accessible places. The roads have bumps and steps and stores are small and have threshold. However, roads are usually wide enough to pass through.

Setokura- museum (瀬戸蔵ミュージアム)

It is Yakimono(ware) museum.

You can learn about history of Seto-yaki(ceramics).

There are accessible bathrooms in the museum. When you look around Seto area, please use the bathroom there, is free.