My friend said, “I want to go to Japan, but I cannot. I am using a wheelchair and do not have enough budget to go.”

Another friend said that, ” I wanted to have the wedding in another country, but it was impossible. My grandma had declined to attend my wedding since she did not want to bother us.”


I wanted to let their dream come true.


Since I was a child, I was always dreaming to help people around the world.

I learned how to help people and become a nurse.

I learned English to know people in the world.


I saw many people who have given up coming to Japan for some health reasons.

I know that people hesitate to go abroad due to their physical situation such as using a wheelchair or need of a caregiver.

Some people have to attend some important conferences or wedding, however they cannot due to the above reasons.

Even though we can get much information now, some people cannot get a traveling experience.


Therefore, I have established the service: arranging your itinerary as you wish!

Everyone can travel regardless of the physical condition.

Even if your budget is not enough to use an accessible packaged tour, you can save the cost compared to using the package tour.






Although Caregiver Japan will plan to act out as a corporation in the near future, we, as a social business, will take a role to contribute a society which many travelers with disabilities travel in Japan safely.We hope you will cooperate with us.

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