Accessible Travel for All!

There are a lot of places and activities all over the world.

Due to the progressing the Internet and SNS,

some hidden places in local area have been unveiled.

People started exploring those places.

However, those places are often not accessible.

Especially, in Japan, language can be also obstacles.

We speak Japanese; many Japanese cannot speak English.

However, you do not need to give up!

We can solve your worryings!


You need a help for a day to attend the meeting?

You want to take an accessible Onsen (hot spring) ?

You are looking for an accessible vegetarian restaurant?

You need to make sure a hotel has enough space for your wheelchair?

You do not know how to get the hotel from an airport?


We arrange your itinerary as you wish!


You can arrange anything you want!

You can reserve a hotel, restaurant,  welfare equipment, and transportation!

You can get any accessible information as you want!

You can get a help from a caregiver!

You can make a tailored tour!



Do not worry about travelling around Japan.

Thus we are always beside you!




Please just push the bottom.


Feel Free to contact us


You do not need to give up and put off traveling around Japan!