Caregiver Japan

What is Caregiver Japan?

There was a couple in Philippine.

They dreamed to have a wedding ceremony in Japan.

However, it was hard for them.

That is because her father needed a caregiver.

They could not find the caregiver who could contract with them.



There was a woman who wanted to go to Japan with her elderly mother.

Nevertheless, her mother kept declining her suggestion, going to Japan.

The reason is that her mother needed a hand to take a shower and go to the bathroom.

Her mother did not want to have her take care of herself.


What if you were them?

We assign the caregiver when you need.


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About our service

About us

You can take your loved ones to Japan using our service; you can help your loved ones’ dream come true. Have your loved ones given up coming to Japan since they are using a wheelchair or need assistance? Are your loved ones  considering if they bother you so that they cannot travel to Japan? Don’t you have enough hands to take your loved ones to […]


Our main service Once in Japan, you can use the caregiver at the time when you need them or the caregiver for the whole day. We are an intermediary agent between you and a company assigning caregivers in Japan; all your contact with the assigning company is through us. As for communication with the caregiver, we suggest you use a Google Translate, additionally, a tablet […]


Step1 Request Please contact us. Step2 Question We will ask you the details such as itinerary, destination, physical condition and so on. Step3 Fee We suggest a caregiver and fee of the service. ( The company providing you with caregiver is different.) Step4 Payment Please proceed the payment online. (We use paypal.) Step5 Meeting You and the company providing you with the caregiver have a […]


How much do you need to pay? Each charge is unique depending on the services required, time used, season, and location of the caregiver. As well, any transportation or incidental costs for the caregiver will be borne by you however we can assist with these arrangements. Here is an example for the use of a caregiver in Karuizawa, Japan from 9 AM to 5 PM […]