Access for All in Japan

What is Caregiver Japan?

We arrange your itinerary as you wish!


What do you need to travel  to Japan?


Accessible hotel?

Renting welfare equipment?


Information of accessibility?

Booking accessible transportation?

Reserving restaurant?


Please do not worry about it.

We can make your wish come true!


Traveling is for all!

Traveling is for all!

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About our service

About us

Accessible Travel for All! There are a lot of places and activities all over the world. Due to the progressing the Internet and SNS, some hidden places in local area have been unveiled. People started exploring those places. However, those places are often not accessible. Especially, in Japan, language can be also obstacles. We speak Japanese; many Japanese cannot speak English. However, you do not […]


Our main service   -We arrange your itinerary as you wish!-   Mainly, we provide you with the following services   Booking/Reserving/Renting Providing accessible information   For details, please check the following links.   ACCESSIBLE HOTEL ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORTATION RENTAL WELFARE EQUIPMENT ACCESSIBLE PLACE CAREGIVER ACCESSIBLE TOUR ACCESSIBLE RESTAURANT   Thank you for visiting our pages!     Feel Free to contact us


Step1  Request Please contact us. Step2  Question We will ask you the details such as itinerary, destination, physical condition and so on. Step3  Charge We suggest a charge of the service. Step4  Payment Please proceed the payment online.  (We use paypal.) Step5  Meeting (If required) We confirm your itinerary, services you use and others that are necessary to share. Step6  Welcome to Japan! Welcome! Please […]


How much do you need to pay?       Each charge is different depending on the services required, time used, season, and location. Please feel free to contact us.       We would love to listen to your worryings first. We would love to put ourselves into your shoes.       Feel Free to contact us             […]